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Stylish Screen Protection Reading Eye Glasses Glow in The Dark

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  • Polycarbonate frame
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Glow in The Dark Special: Have you ever experienced searching for your eye glasses late at night? Do you find it maddening to locate your glasses in the dark? Our uniquely designed bluelight glasses have a blue fluorescent covered frame which enables them to radiate in the dark; With its simple yet fashionable design you have a chance to stand out from the crowd; Become distinctive with our brand new UV light glasses
  • Reliable TR90 Frame with Polycarbonate Lens: It’s sturdy yet lightweight and flexibleTR90 frame maintains these blue screen glasses to remain stable and comfortable to wear; Its polycarbonate lens are shock resistant and provides a solid protection against harmful UV rays, making our lens UV400 Certified; Its blue light blocking filter provides a promising and relaxing visual experience for its users
  • Impregnable Eye Protection: Majority of people devote most of their working and leisure time in front of computer screens, mobile phones, tablets or laptops; They fail to realize that dangerous UV and blue light rays affects their eyes which results in intensive headaches and increased eye strain; Our new computer glasses will help shield your eyes by diminishing the stress; Therefore, with our unique UV glasses prepare yourself to browse your computers hassle free
  • Improved Sleep Cycle: The use of our blue light blocking glasses keeps a check on the balance of melatonin hormone in your body and allows you to sleep better at night; Our computer reading glasses blocks the blue light coming your way, making your work hours longer and comfortable; The reduction of these harmful waves assist you in overcoming the disturbing patterns of insomnia
  • Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority: We aim for providing you the best services for our offered products; Hence, we are persistent in ensuring complete customer satisfaction and experience; In case of any customer issues with regards to our computer screen glasses, contact us without hesitation; Customer Satisfaction is our Satisfaction